Sunday, July 6, 2008

SwapTawk is a membership only community.

SwapTawk is a membership only community.
In order to join SwapTawk you must fit the following membership criteria:
  • Be an active swapper with at least 20 recent (≤ 6 months), verifiable tokens from unique swappers.
  • Must have an active swaplist, wishlist and notepad
  • OR are having a confirmed problem swap.
You must complete all of the following steps in order to be considered for a membership on SwapTawk:
Step 1: (if you are already a Yuku member - skip this step)
~Join Yuku:
Step 2:
(a)Please email (you MUST use the email address that is connected to your MUA account) listing both your Yuku name and your MUA name.
(b)If you are experiencing a problem swap, please give a very brief synopsis of the problem complete with name, MUA name, and address of the other party.
Step 3:
~Apply for membership at: by clicking the "apply for membership" button at the bottom.

**If you do not follow these three easy steps, your application will be denied***

We look forward to helping you make your swaps happy ones.

Thank you, Swap Tawk Admins

PS) membership approvals can take 24-36 hours - thanks =)

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