Friday, January 6, 2012

Membership purge

Swaptawk staff are doing a routine sweep and purge. Criteria we look at includes but isn't limited to:

  • Length of time since last log in: ≥ 3 months will be deleted.
  • Amount of posts: If you're only posting once in a while or not at all, you may be deleted.
  • Whether or not you are a probationary member: Probies are routinely deleted once their immediate problem has been solved unless they request full membership AND meet the criteria. It is the member's responsibility to bring this to staff attention if they wish full membership.

Our goal is to create a safe, stable, and neutral environment in which to discuss swapping, swaplifting, and satisfactory resolutions for all. This includes everyone as a community getting involved and helping each other out. Lurkers aren't conducive to a safe environment, as some people feel hesitant in discussing details or feel the person they are having a problem with may be reading and not responding, or someone may be leaking details outside the forum (naughty.)

If you feel you have been deleted by mistake, and you qualify for membership per the criteria listed here in this blog, please drop us a line at and state your case for re-approval.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding during this time.